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Veterans Flight 2019

"Forever Remembered"

Bad weather from Tropical Storm -- and soon to be -- Hurricane Barry prevented many Stearmans that had committed to participate in Veterans Flight from flying to Pensacola. However, by mid-afternoon Thursday three Stearmans flown by Carey Hardin, John Rettick, and Howard Thomas arrived from Mississippi. Phil Webb's and Roy Kinsey's Stearmans are based in the Pensacola area, so five Stearmans were on the flight line Thursday night. David Duplantis and his Navy #254 were trapped in Destin by heavy rain until late Friday.

First time participants Quin Ducharme (T-6) and Tony Diez (T-34B) flew in from Destin early Friday morning ready to fly veterans. Dave Robinson, who is part of superstar air show performer Skip Stewart's operation, joined the flight line in his SNJ, giving us eight airplanes ready to fly Friday.

Four Stearmans and another T-6/SNJ that regularly come from Roy Ray airport south of Mobile were blocked from coming to Pensacola by bands of hard rain that kept moving north from the Gulf of Mexico into south Alabama. The rain continued all day Friday and into Saturday, so none of these regulars ever made it to Pensacola.

Friday's first flights launched shortly after 0800 and headed for Pensacola Beach into strong winds, but with surprisingly good visibility. Although the winds were gusting to more than 25 knots, they remained almost directly down Runway 17 so the Stearmans used less than 100 feet of runway to get airborne. The winds were so strong the Stearmans ground speeds were less than 50 knots to the beach and more than a 30 degree crab angle was needed to fly parallel to the beach. Returning to Pensacola International the tailwinds were so strong that ground speeds exceeded 120 knots, which is the fastest ground speed many of us have seen in our Stearmans.

Everyone was surprised we were able to fly Friday as the strong winds and intense rain ultimately resulted in all the civilian aerobatic acts being cancelled both Friday and Saturday. However, thanks to our pilots, our volunteers, and some fortunate breaks in the weather, we were able to fly all the veterans on both Friday and Saturday's flight schedules. More importantly, we were able to do it safely. 

In addition to Photo Ops Chief Steven Stopler who spent much of Friday taking aerial photos from the Robinson R44 helicopter flown by Hang Ten Helicopter, LLC's Kenny Brown, this year we were fortunate to have several volunteer photographers. Below are some of the great photos from Friday and Saturday.

Steven Stopler Photographs


Army Veterans Joe Gossen (B-17 Ball Turret Gunner) and John Beard (B-25 Pilot) Ready For Friday's Flights 


Army B-24 Pilot Tom Neiss and Family Members Arrived Early For Saturday's Flights


Pearl Harbor Survivor Cass Phillips and Carey Hardin (Navy #469) Lead Marc Phillips and John Rettick (Army #470) to Pensacola Beach During Friday's First Flight 


Ensign Coordinator Lt. Mark Mussel Points Out The

Airplane For Army Veteran Don Cripps Flight


Army Veteran Joe Gossen Gives a "Thumbs Up" To Let Us Know He's Enjoying His Flight


Howard Thomas and His White 450 Super Stearman In Perfect Position As Phil Webb (Army #42) Turns Their Two-Ship Formation East Along Pensacola Beach


Navy Veteran Jim Crumlish Was Clearly Ready For His Flight


John Rettick (Army #470) Is In Position As Carey Hardin (Navy #469) Turns the Formation East Along the Beach

Jeff Rease Photographs


Navy Stearman 708 Weathered a Rain Shower

Before Friday's First Flights 


B-17 Ball Turret Gunner Sgt. Joe Gossen

Was Ready to Fly Friday


Pearl Harbor Survivor Frank Emond Ready

To Fly In Tony Diez's Beautiful T-34B


Retired Navy LCDR Phil Webb Briefs

Volunteer Ensigns


Pearl Harbor Survivor Cass Phillips and Veterans Flight Pilot Carey Hardin After Friday's First Flight


Army Air Corps B-25 Pilot John Beard In The Front Cockpit Of Phil Webb's Stearman


Veterans Flight Pilot Quin Ducharme and Navy Veteran Theo Elbert After Friday's First Flight In Quin's North American T-6G Advanced Trainer

Jeff Rease Captured A Rare Moment Of Veterans Flight Photo Ops Chief Steven Stopler Relaxing In Hang Ten Helicopters, LLC's Robinson R44 Before Friday's First Flights.

Veterans Flights Sends a Big



To Pilot Kenny Brown and Hang Ten Helicopters For  Providing The R44 For Veterans Flight 2019.


Ed Patterson Photographs


Navy Veteran Jim Liles Was Eager to Get Back In The Air In A Navy N2S-4 Stearman


Stearmans Ready And Waiting To Fly Saturday Morning


Navy Veteran And Photographer Ed Patterson Had a Good View Of David Duplantis Flying Stearman 254


Army Veterans Leonard Swartz and Tom Neiss Enjoyed Their Flights


Quin Ducharme And His T-6G Arrived From Destin

Early Friday Morning Ready To Fly Veterans


Army B-24 Pilot James Player Was Interviewed By Pensacola News Journal Reporter Melanie Vynalek


Tropical Storm Barry Made Conditions Challenging For Saturday's Flights


Navy F6F-5 Hellcat Pilot Dick Pace and Army B-25 Pilot John Beard Checking In Friday


Thank You Pensacola Aviation Center

Veterans Flight Would Not Happen Without The Help and Support We Receive

From The Great Folks At Pensacola Aviation Center

Rick Carraway Photographs


T-34 Pilot Tony Diez and Navy Veteran and Pearl Harbor Survivor Frank Emond


Navy Pearl Harbor Survivor and PBY Pilot Cass Phillips With Stearman Pilot Carey Harding After Friday's Flight


Tony Diez Briefs Navy Veteran "Cash" Barber Before Cash's Flight in Tony's T-34


Stearman Pilot Phil Webb With Navy Veteran James Golden & Family After Friday's Flight


Phil Webb (Army #42) and David Duplantis (Navy #254) Climb Out for Pensacola Beach


USAF Veteran Bob Manning, T-6 Pilot Quin Ducharme, Army & USAF Veteran Chuck Manning & SNJ Pilot Dave Robinson


Army B-24 Pilot James Player Ready for His Flight in Roy Kinsey's Navy Stearman


Photo Ops Chief Steven Stopler Is Still Taking Photos As Pilot Kenny Brown Maneuvers to Land

Ryan Rankin Photographs


Volunteer Ensign Coordinator Navy Lt. Amy Davis Escorts Army Veteran Gus D'Aloise To Navy Stearman 708

Gus D'Aloise's Smile Says He Is Ready To Take To The Air


Retired Navy Captain Carolyn Deal and Her Father, Navy Veteran Cash Barber, Head for Tony Diez's T-34


Stearman Pilot Phil Webb Briefs Army B-25 Pilot John Beard Before Friday's Flight


This Was Army B-24 Pilot Tom Neiss First Stearman Flight As He Did Primary Training In Fairchild PT-19's


Stearman Pilot Phil Webb and Army B-24 Pilot Tom Neiss Enjoyed Their Flight


Navy Pilot Jim Liles Is Ready To Get the Engine Started For His Flight Friday


Army B-25 Pilot John Beard, Who Is 100 Years Young, Gets Out of a Stearman More Easily Than Many Younger Pilots

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