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Happy New Year 2014

Roll to the Right

Centennial of Naval Aviation

Veterans Flight 2014

WEAR TV 3 - "Red" Truex

Veterans Flight 2017

Veterans Flight 2015

Veterans Flight 2015 Conversations with Jeff Weeks

(Password is "Stearman")

44 Yellin, Phillips & Carraway.JPG

Army Air Corps Captain Jerry Yellin with Pearl Harbor Survivors Cass Phillips and Jay Carraway During Veterans Flight 2016

Captain Jerry Yellin

Army Air Corps P-51 Pilot

Flew the Last Combat Mission of World War II

13 July 2017

Colonel William "Bill" Fagan

(1923 - 2017)

Army Air Corps B-26 Pilot

Missing Man Formation

Barrancas National Cemetery 


Colonel Bill Fagan Gets Into the Front Cockpit of Phil Webb's Army #42 During Veterans Flight 2016

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