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Veterans Flight 2021


Navy Veteran "Cash" Barber is Welcomed By Veterans Coordinator Cherylyn Stopler


Flight Line XO David Schmittou, B-17 Ball Turret Gunner Joe Gossen, and Stearman Pilot Rick Ferrin


Navy F6F "Hellcat" Pilot Art Leach and Veterans Flight Pilot Carey Hardin


Joe Gossen and Rick Ferrin Ready to Fly


Cherylyn Stopler and Veterans Flight Sponsor Tom Pruter Escort Navy Veteran and Pearl Harbor Survivor Frank Emond


Vic Syracuse and Frank Emond Ready to Fly. At 103 Years Old, Frank is the Oldest Veteran We Have Flown


Navy F6F Pilot Art Leach (101), Who Lives in O'Dell, Illinois is Ready to Fly With Stearman Pilot Carey Hardin


Veterans Flight Pilot Robby Grice With Army B-24 Pilot Howard Levinson & Helene Ellis Who Came From Chicago


Veterans Flight Pilot Howard Thomas Gets Pre-Flight Advice From USMC Corsair Pilot Lowell "Red" Truex


Veterans Flight Stearman Pilot Phil Webb With Army World War II and Korean War Veteran Don Cripps


Retired Navy Captain, and Former Director of The National Naval Aviation Museum, Bob Rasmussen is Always Ready to Fly 


World War II Navy Pilot Jim Liles Gets An Assist From Veterans Flight Pilot Sam Hardin


Stearman Pilot Robby Grice and Army B-24 Pilot Howard Levinson Turn East for a Pass Along Pensacola Beach


Marine Corsair Pilot "Red" Truex and Howard Thomas In Super Stearman "Queen of Memphis"


Army B-24 Pilot Howard Levinson, Helene Ellis and Veterans Flight Stearman Pilot Nick Van Houten


Navy Stearman 469 (Sam Hardin) and Army Stearman 719 (Vic Syracuse) Head for Pensacola Beach


Six Veterans Flight Stearmans Taxi for Takeoff to Perform A

Formation Demonstration to Open the Air Show


Commemorative Air Force Colonels and Veterans Flight Volunteers Dave Sanders and Chuck McDonald


Veterans Flight Stearmans Holding Short of the Active Runway Waiting For Takeoff Clearance 


Three Modern Navy T-6 Trainers Flew After the Veterans Flight Stearmans Performed Their Formation Demonstration


Navy TH-57 "Sea Ranger" Helicopters Flew  After the Navy T-6's


Dave Robinson's SNJ and Phillip Grice's T-6 (Real T-6/SN's with Radial Engines) and Tony Diez's T-34


Dave Robinson's SNJ (Dan Peterson in Aft Cockpit) and Phillip Grice's T-6 (Art Leach in Aft Cockpit) Ready to Fly


Veterans Flight Stearmans Westbound During their Formation Demonstration


Stearman Pilot Vic Syracuse and Navy Veteran Otis Pollitt


Veterans Flight Stearmans Eastbound In Front of the Crowd


Vic Syracuse and Navy Veteran Otis Pollitt Eastbound Over the Crowd on Pensacola Beach


Many People Watch From Their Boats In Sabine Bay As Sam Hardin Flies Navy 469 East Along Pensacola Beach 


Commemorative Air Force Colonel Debbie Naylor With Volunteer Enlisted Sailors From NAS Pensacola


More and Larger Boats in the Quietwater Area On the North Side of Pensacola Beach


Navy Veteran Seymour "Si" Marshall Flew TBM Torpedo Bombers in the Pacific and Skyraiders in Korea


Marine Corsair Pilot "Red" James and Family Are Veterans Fight Regulars


Flight Line XO David Schmittou and Flight Line Chief Jennie Kinsey Keep Veterans and Pilots Safe and Hydrated


Stearman Pilots Vic Syracuse (Locust Grove, Georgia) and John Rettick (Bloomington, Illinois)


Stearman Pilot Julie Thomas (Hernando, Mississippi) Helps Marine Corsair Pilot "Red" Truex Adjust His Helmet (There Was No Velcro During World War II)


T-6 Pilot Phillip Grice (Irvington, Alabama) Gives Navy Veteran George Newman a Pre-Flight Brief


Ground Ops Chief Pat Kinsey and Stearman Pilot Carey Hardin (Starkville, Mississippi)

T-6's (Art Leach and Dan Peterson).jpg

Phillip Grice Has His T-6 on the Wing of Dave Robinson's SNJ as the Advanced Trainers

Fly Eastbound Above Pensacola Beach


Great View of the Early Morning  Air Show Crowd as Sam Hardin (Starkville, Mississippi) and Navy Veteran Si Marshall Fly Over Pensacola Beach

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