Updates - 2019

As we get ready for each year's Veterans Flight, periodic updates or "Countdowns" are sent to our email distribution list. There is no regular schedule, but they increase in frequency as we get closer to the date of the Pensacola Beach Air Show, and are now posted weekly as there are now less than two weeks until Veterans Flight 2019.

Below are all updates that have been distributed for this year's flights starting with the first and continuing through the latest. If you're not familiar with Veterans Flight, the updates will give you a better idea of how we honor and thank the World War II veterans, while at the same time hopefully educating our fellow citizens about the roles these veterans and wonderful old airplanes played in making it possible for us to live in this great country. 


If you aren't on the email distribution list and want to receive Updates, send an email to Veterans Flight at veteransflight@cox.net and we'll add you to the list.

Veterans Flight - Pensacola Beach Air Show

438 East Government Street

Pensacola, Florida 32502



Veterans Flight 2021

Pensacola Aviation Center

Pensacola International Airport

July 9 & 10, 2021