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National Treasures

Often referred to as "The Greatest Generation," America's World War II veterans are national treasures we're rapidly losing. The latest statistic is that fewer than 2% of the more than sixteen million Americans who served in the military during World War II are still alive. 

This year marks the 76th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and the Japanese Empire. More than 400,000 members of the American military made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II to achieve the victory that made it possible for us to live in this great county we enjoy today.


Those of us who are fortunate to have had fathers who were World War II veterans recognize that today's Americans owe the Greatest Generation a debt that can never be repaid. What we can do is share veterans' stories with younger Americans with the hope that hearing these stories ignites a love of this country and an appreciation of how much the Greatest Generation did for them.

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