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Stearman Pilots


Veterans Flight would not happen without the generosity and dedication of the Stearman and SNJ/T-6 pilots who bring their airplanes to the Pensacola Beach Air Show. These pilots come to Pensacola at their own expense to honor and thank World War II veterans whose efforts and sacrifices made it possible for us to live in this great country.

Stearman pilots understand they are custodians of pieces of history, and that they have a responsibility to educate their fellow Americans about the roles the World War II veterans and the airplanes in which these veterans trained played in defeating Nazi Germany and Japan.

During the coming weeks this website, along with the periodic Veterans Flight email updates, will introduce you to the pilots and their Stearmans, as well as many of the veterans who will fly with us this year and some who are no longer with us.

As you meet the World War II veterans and learn about the dangers they faced, I think you'll find it interesting how they were of similar ages as many of today's Millennials who are struggling to find direction and purpose in their lives. Hopefully the veterans' stories will be examples of how patriotism and service to your country can provide the direction, purpose and satisfaction these young Americans are seeking.

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Stearmans Ready for Takeoff During

Veterans Flight 2015 - The Final Mission

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