John Beard

Army Air Corps B-25 Pilot

Veterans Flight is honored that John Beard was one of the World War II veterans who flew in our first formation flights during the 2014 Pensacola Beach Air Show and that he has flown with us every year since. Earlier this year we presented John with Lima Bravo Award #3, for being the third veteran who has flown with us AND celebrated their 100th birthday.

A true American hero, John is a wonderful gentleman whose life story is an example of how courage, honor and hard work lifted a young man from more difficult circumstances than most of us could imagine to successful careers as an Air Force Officer and, after retirement from the military, a stock broker.

A regular attendee at the Crispy Warriors' Thursday morning breakfast meetings, as well as the VPS chapter of "ye Anciente and Secret Order of Quiet Birdmen," John's story was wonderfully told by Dave "Maggie" Brown in the December 2017 issue of the Quiet Birdmen's magazine.


2014's First Formation Flight

Left to Right: Bill Andrews (Navy), Phil Webb (Veterans Flight Pilot), John Johnson (Navy), Carey Hardin (VF Pilot), John Beard (Army Air Corps) and Roy Kinsey (VF Pilot)

Beard - 2014

Phil Webb and John Beard Prepare the Cockpit of Webb's Stearman Before 2014's First Flight


Veterans Flight Pilot Phil Webb Briefs John Beard Before 2014's First Flight

Beard - 2018

John Beard in the Cockpit of Carey Hardin's Stearman During Veterans Flight 2018


Stearmans Taxi to Runway 26 For Veterans Flight 2014's First Flight

2014-1st-Mag Ck.JPG

Stearmans Perform a Final Equipment Check Before Takeoff During 2014's First Flight


Stearmans Line Up for Section Takeoff

On Runway 26 During Veterans Flight 2014


Navy Stearman #708 (Roy Kinsey & Bill Andrews) and Army Air Corps #42 (Phil Webb & John Beard Takeoff During Veterans Flight 2014's First Flight

2014-1st-to beach.JPG

Stearmans of Veterans Flight 2014's First Flight Race Spectator Boats Toward Pensacola Beach


Stearmans Over Villa Sabine Prepare To Turn Eastbound Over Pensacola Beach

2014-1st-heading home.JPG

Stearmans of 2014's First Flight Head Back to Pensacola International Airport

2014-1st-taxi In.JPG

Stearmans Taxi To Pensacola Aviation Center After 2014's First Flight

Beard &  Hardin 2018

Carey Hardin, John Beard's Daughter, and John Beard During Veterans Flight 2018

* * *

John Has Flown In Every Veterans Flight Since Formation Flights Began In 2014

John Beard's Battlefield Commission

1 October 1943

Citation For John Beard's Distinguished Flying Cross

Beard - 2018

Stearman Pilot Carey Hardin Briefs John Beard Before Veterans Flight 2018